Wait with Me 2023

Kate Smith, renowned for her captivating romance novels, finds herself grappling with writer’s block right at the inception of the final installment in her sizzlingly successful Bed ‘n Breakfast series. Determined to rediscover her creative rhythm, she takes an unconventional approach by infiltrating a Tire Depot waiting room, where her words flow as smoothly as the complimentary coffee – a blend of sweetness and scorching intensity. Her discreet routine remains covert until Miles Hudson, the charismatic and rugged mechanic, spots the enigmatic redhead slipping in and out through an entrance designated for employees only. Yet, the allure she exudes prevents him from exposing her actions. Opting to indulge in a test-drive of her nascent book idea appears to be a more enticing choice. Visit afdah 2 for more!

Wait with Me | March 30, 2023 (United States) Summary: Kate Smith is struggling with writer's block and decides to sneak into a Tire Depot waiting room to test her new book idea.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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