The Great Escaper 2023

In the story of Bernard Jordan, a seasoned aviator, he missed his chance to apply for the 70th-anniversary commemoration of the D-Day landings. Supported by his wife, Rene (portrayed by the late Glenda Jackson), he embarks on an independent journey. The determined World War II veteran escapes from his care home in Hove, clutching essentials in a simple blue plastic bag.

At first glance, this real-life adventure may appear lighthearted, a comedic escapade for the big screen with a chipper caper across the continent. Yet, the film takes an unexpected turn, delving into a more melancholic and introspective approach. Michael Caine’s performance is nothing short of extraordinary, portraying a man who, in his twilight years, confronts survivor’s guilt and the enduring psychological scars of battle.

Director Oliver Parker, known for “Dad’s Army,” opts for a straightforward and functional style. The film’s scenes, whether set in the Second World War era or contemporary times, may have a reminiscent aura of a made-for-TV movie. However, beneath the surface lies a compelling emotional narrative, and Michael Caine, at 90, delivers a remarkable and poignant performance. Visit afdah info for more!

The Great Escaper | October 6, 2023 (United Kingdom) Summary: Bernard Jordan escapes from his care home to attend the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings in France.
Countries: United Kingdom, SwedenLanguages: English

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