Thanksgiving 2023

Version 2: Eli Roth delivers on a 16-year-old promise with “Thanksgiving,” the feature adaptation of his 2007 mock trailer from “Grindhouse.” Steering clear of contemporary horror trends, the film avoids both Blumhouse jump-scares and A24-style elevated storytelling, opting for the pure nastiness reminiscent of ’80s classics like “Mother’s Day.” Set against the backdrop of a deadly Black Friday sale, the film cleverly satirizes the chaos of consumerism. A year later, a masked killer resembling Plymouth’s first governor embarks on a spree, targeting those linked to the earlier tragedy. The film efficiently introduces a diverse cast, striking a balance between humor and horror while providing ample character depth. As the local sheriff investigates, Jessica, the store owner’s daughter, takes center stage in unraveling the mystery. The film maintains a delicate equilibrium of horror and comedy, featuring a charismatic killer with colonial symbolism. While the last third tests the balance between sadism and pacing, “Thanksgiving” emerges as a potential slasher genre revival, promising a fun and entertaining experience that underscores Roth’s filmmaking prowess. Visit afdah movie for more!

Thanksgiving | November 17, 2023 (United States) Summary: After a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes Plymouth, Massachusetts - the birthplace of the infamous holiday.
Countries: United States, Canada, AustraliaLanguages: English

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