Kandahar 2023

Kandahar, the latest action film from Gerard Butler, directed by Ric Roman Waugh, revolves around Tom Harris (played by Butler), an undercover CIA operative trapped in the treacherous terrain of Afghanistan. When his true identity and mission are exposed, he must navigate a perilous escape alongside his translator, Mohammad “Mo” Doud (Negahban), striving to reach the extraction point in Kandahar while evading relentless elite special forces. While Kandahar may not reach the pinnacle of Butler’s or Waugh’s careers, their involvement elevates this film into a serviceable and enjoyable action thriller.

Butler brings a surprising depth to his character, allowing audiences to genuinely care about Tom in a manner that only a seasoned action star can achieve. Negahban also delivers a remarkable performance, embodying the film’s most captivating character with a tragic narrative. The on-screen chemistry between Butler and Negahban is strong, convincingly portraying a growing bond and friendship through heartfelt and unexpectedly emotional scenes. Fimmel’s portrayal of Roman Chalmers is a standout, stealing scenes with his charismatic and likable yet cocky demeanor.

The action sequences are well-executed and entertaining, culminating in a climactic ending that leaves a lasting impression. However, Kandahar falls short in delivering the expected thrills, tension, and excitement that a film of this premise should provide. The first act drags, becoming convoluted with unnecessary story beats and characters who ultimately contribute little to the overall plot. Although the film’s two-hour running time is not excessively long, it would have benefited from a tighter narrative or additional focus on the relationship between Tom and Mo.

Despite its shortcomings, Kandahar remains a decent action thriller that will appeal to fans of the genre. While it does not revolutionize the action genre or break new ground, it offers an enjoyable experience for those seeking an entertaining watch. Although not one of Butler’s standout films, his fans will find it worth their time to check out. Visit afdah movies for more!

Kandahar | May 26, 2023 (United States) Summary: A CIA operative and his translator flee from special forces in Afghanistan after exposing a covert mission.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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