Freelance 2023

Calling “Freelance” a movie might be generous; it’s more like a cinematic afterthought. Despite its hefty $40 million budget, the film barely scrapes the surface, offering a rudimentary plot and familiar faces but little else. Pierre Morel’s direction feels lazy and uninspired, relying on echoes of superior films to carry its weight. Even the pairing of charismatic actors John Cena and Alison Brie fails to inject life into the dull canvas of this supposed action-comedy.

John Cena takes on the role of Mason Pettits, a former special ops soldier with a standard-issue troubled past. Recruited as a bodyguard for journalist Claire Wellington (Brie), they find themselves entangled in a contrived plot set in the fictional country of Paldonia. The film, however, lacks any genuine substance—no romance, no comedy, and certainly no action. Half-hearted attempts at these elements fall flat due to the film’s glaring lack of artistic depth. As a fan of the genre and the cast, “Freelance” left me drained, devoid of the sparks that make such films enjoyable. Visit afdah for more!

Freelance | October 27, 2023 (United States) Summary: An ex-special forces operative takes a job to provide security for a journalist as she interviews a dictator, but when a military coup breaks out in the middle of the interview, they are for... Read all
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English, Spanish, French

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